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Real Health podcast: Understanding eating disorders with Aveen Bannon


This week on Real Health we’re discussing eating disorders, what they are and how they impact on the health of somebody suffering from them.

Eating disorders are complex and affect both the mental and physical health of the person with one. So, when someone gets help, it's often from a team of people with different expertise.

Today I’m joined by Aveen Bannon, Dietitian at the Dublin Nutrition Centre who specialises in eating disorders, to tell us more about them and her role in treatment.

Aveen says for many people who decide to seek help for an eating disorder, contacting someone like a GP can be difficult: “Sometimes you might go straight to a psychologist, or sometimes you will go to a dietician.

"The first thing is to make one appointment. It might feel very overwhelming when you feel you have to suddenly do all of this...Once the journey starts it can be a little bit scary, but it will be worth it.”

Aveen also talks through the different types of eating disorders there are and from her experience what some of the causes can be.

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