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Real Health Podcast: Top tips for fat loss with Peter Stringer


Former Irish and Munster rugby player, Peter Stringer.

Former Irish and Munster rugby player, Peter Stringer.

Former Irish and Munster rugby player, Peter Stringer.

With lockdowns behind us and life returning to some form of normality, many of us have found we are carrying a little extra fat than we’d like. So, for this week’s Real Health episode I’m bringing you the top things you’ll need to help you lose fat.

I’m delighted to be joined by former Munster and Ireland rugby player Peter Stringer. Now a certified personal trainer, Peter takes me through his top tips for fat loss. This includes things like water intake, how sleep is crucial, and why we need to make sure we have enough protein in our diet, so we achieve the change we want.

Peter says being in a calorie deficit is hugely important to shifting excess fat, as is an understanding of how much we’re eating every day: “The number one thing for fat loss, you need to be eating less than you are burning off...pick two days during the week and one day at the weekend, set those days out to take a look and tot up those calories – so you have an idea of what you’re eating.”

He also says while cardio exercises will put you into that all important calorie deficit, we need to make sure that weight training forms part of our workout routine for fat loss: “Ultimately you want to preserve that lean muscle mass when you are dieting. One of the ways to help that is to lift weights. In combination with a high protein diet the idea is to lose as much fat as possible while trying to maintain muscle mass. By doing resistance training, that’ll certainly help.”

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