Thursday 22 August 2019

Real Health Podcast: golden rules for food shopping

Top ten items to ensure you stay healthy and within budget

The trick to eating healthy is stocking your presses, pantries, and car's glove compartment with fresh and healthy food.

This week on Karl Henry's Real Health Podcast, the fitness expert talks through his top ten items to include on your weekly food shop.

Henry advises stocking up your home and any place you spend time during the working day - be that the office, or in the car - with nutritious snacks.

"If you have a long commute then stock the car with fruit and nuts."

He adds: "The one place you have to stock with food is the workplace, you spend so much time there you have to stock it with healthy food and snacks. otherwise you will be tempted to eat food in the canteen which we know isn't good or healthy for us".

Shopping healthy can be cost effective - you don't have to buy the latest on trend superfood. Keep things simple and you will stay within budget.


Everyone should aim to eat one portion of oily fish, and one portion of white fish a week. Fish is a great source of protein and is not expensive.


"The more colourful the better," Henry said. "It's good for your gut bacteria". Henry advises trying one piece of fruit or veg that you haven't had before to ensure a varied diet. The more colourful, the more nutrients so try and make your shopping trolley a rainbow.


It's a great snack, and can be substituted for mayonnaise in savory dishes. "It's also yummy and full of bacteria," Henry said.

"But don't go for the diet stuff, go for high quality. Don't go for fruit flavoured. It's healthier to buy and add your own fruit".


It's always better to opt for either wholegrain or wholemeal.


Eggs are a complete protein, and are handy 'on-the-go' snacks. They are super versatile and can be cooked in a variety of ways so it's always a good idea to have several on the go.


Protein is essential to maintaining a healthy diet, especially when it comes to muscle recovery. Lean meats include turkey, filet steaks and mince with a low fat content.


"These are are extremely healthy except when they are covered in something," Henry said.

"If they are covered in chocolate or salt then put them back. Nuts and seeds are full of protein and healthy fats."


A great way to satisfy sweet cravings. Opt for chocolate with 70 - 85pc cocoa. Having a square or two will prevent you from falling off the wagon.


After a run or work out it is a great go-to source of recovery fuel. It is simple, cheap and affordable. Don't waste money on protein shakes as milk does the same thing and it is less processed.


This can be anything you fancy - chocolate, pizza, or chips. The key thing is that you get the best quality and you enjoy it. If you have a treat meal once a week, you won't feel deprived and it will ensure long term health.

Prepare and plan for success.

Listen to episode for my ten food shop essentials and let me know if you have any others to add - via email or contact Karl on Twitter and Instagram @karlhenryPT.

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