Sunday 15 September 2019

Real Health Podcast: GAA star Evan Regan's secrets to staying in shape

Karl Henry with this weeks guest, Evan Regan
Karl Henry with this weeks guest, Evan Regan

The key to staying in shape is all about accountability, according to Mayo footballer Evan Regan.

Sports star Evan studied Health Science at college and now works as a Nutrition Consultant.

Food analysis and nutrition has become a crucial component in the GAA in terms of performance and preparation.

Regan, who appears on this weeks episode of the Real Health Podcast, said while it is easy to stay disciplined when training as part of a team, difficulties arise when you're flying solo.

"It's all about accountability," he said. "Nutrition is the hardest thing to get right because you have no body holding your hand, no body looking over your shoulder."

As a result, deciding what to eat (and what not to eat) takes the most discipline.

"Training or not," Evan says. "It’s all about better decision-making. What can you do consistently every day that is going to lead to bigger results and reaching your goal?"

To stay in shape, he recommends keeping a food journal and work out log. This way you can find out what foods optimise your workout.

"Then it becomes evidence of what worked and what did not."

He said that simple changes to your lifestyle can have a huge impact on overall fitness and health. He recommends setting meal times especially early in the day.

"People will often have breakfast and then because of their job they will not eat for several hours. That leads to poor decision making and over eating. You need to have consistency."

He also advised to eat specific food groups around your training scheduele. Complex carbohydrates should be eaten before a training session to increase energy levels.

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