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Real Health Podcast: Embracing Self-Love with Fiona Brennan


Many of us will have heard or be familiar with self-love. In theory we know what it is, but how hard is it to put it into practice and make it part of daily life?

This week I’m delighted to be joined by Fiona Brennan, Clinical Hypnotherapist and author of the book The Self-Love habit, to tell us why we need to love ourselves a bit more and how it can improve so many aspects of our lives.

Fiona explains that self-love isn’t the same as being cocky or overconfident, instead it is about self-acceptance. “Especially in Ireland we’re almost taught...that it is a negative thing to love yourself. This idea is that you could eat yourself if you were a bar of chocolate.

“When you look at love, whether it's for yourself or for anybody else in this world, your family, any other creature or being, it is actually about compassion and compassion is love in action.”

We also chat about negativity bias and how damaging a negative inner voice can be to your overall wellbeing.

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