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Real Health Podcast: David Nolan - Should women train differently to men?


Here on Real Health, we have looked at the topic of female health, why women are different to men and how understanding those difference can help boost wellness.

But when it comes specifically to exercise, should women train differently to men, to maximize performance and results?

Real Health Podcast: David Nolan - Should women train differently to men?

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This week I’m delighted to be joined by sports scientist David Nolan to take us through what women should consider when exercising.

David is a PhD Researcher at DCU and looks at sex differences in exercise. So, we thought he’d be the perfect person to bust some myths and tell us what we really need to know.

David says while women may feel their menstrual cycle impacts their performance or how they feel when exercising, research doesn’t suggest women need to train differently, depending on where stage of their cycle they’re at.

“We can’t give blanket recommendations. Anyone who says that you should train this way in the follicular phase and [another] in the luteal, you can’t say that. We don’t have the evidence in science to say that.”

Instead, David says it's important for women to monitor how they are feeling, which can help them maximise their workouts.

“The best thing you can do is track your menstrual cycle, preferably over a long period of time, three to six months minimum and try to identify patterns...then implement individual coping strategies.”

We also discuss if hormonal contraception can impact women when training and how female body composition differs from men.

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