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Real Health Podcast: Coronavirus Special Part 1 - Looking after your mental health with Dr Eddie Murphy


Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures and while we're trying to adapt to the current situation and find ways to deal with it, let's not forget the stresses and strains being put on our mental health, individually and collectively.

I’ll be recording my shows remotely for the foreseeable future and in the first of a two-part Real Health special this week, I speak to clinical psychologist, Dr. Eddie Murphy, about how we can look after our mental health in these times.

Eddie tells me how we can manage our stress levels and anxiety, why structure and routine are so important and why we can only focus on the things that we can control.

We'll have the second part of our Coronavirus Special with Minister for Health, Simon Harris, tomorrow, so do listen out for that really important interview.

In the meantime, take Eddie's advice on board, stay healthy and safe and keep in touch with me for daily postings on Instagram and Twitter @KarlHenryPT.

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