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Real Health Podcast: Breathing techniques for stress relief with Niall O'Murchu


Niall O'Murchu

Niall O'Murchu

Niall O'Murchu

If you can control your breathing, you can control your stress and anxiety, and so this week's Real Health episode is focusing on exactly that.

Niall O'Murchu is an instructor in the Wim Hof breathing method and he joins me to explain the breathing techniques you can start using to help with stress relief and introduce more calm into your day.

He discusses the Wim Hof Method that he teaches and how and why it allows people to withstand extreme cold by controlling your nervous system with breathing techniques.

Niall explains why the exhale is so important and how that enables you to calm your body and mind down. Plus he has a simple breathing exercise to help as well as some tips for getting used to the cold, starting with your daily shower!

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