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Real Health: How to beat the midlife fitness slump with Dr Marc Bubbs


On this week’s show I’ll be looking at how you can achieve your best potential for a healthy lifestyle in your 40s.

I’m joined by Dr Marc Bubbs, naturopathic doctor and performance nutrition lead for Canada Basketball. His new book, Peak 40 looks to give you all the tools you need to reignite your energy and passion at any age, but particularly in your 40s.

Marc says between the age of 41 to 48 many of us hit a low period when it comes to happiness: “There’s that idea that our mindset is being impacted…we know if we are lacking sleep, the kids are at home, work is busy, we might be taking care of ageing parents, there’s a lot going on. That can make it a little more challenging. It might be why we are holding onto a little more weight and the aches and pains begin to act up.”

We also discuss how beneficial exercise and resistance training is for maintaining muscle mass as we get older. Marc says including exercise in your day doesn’t have to mean spending an hour in the gym.

Instead, Marc advises we try fit in “exercise snacks” in our schedules, which he says can make all the difference: “We know we don’t have a lot of time in the busyness of midlife, so let's find 10-minute or 20-minute blocks where we can get that movement in.”

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