Thursday 14 November 2019

'It's the first time I've been single since I was 13' - Greg O'Shea on life after Love Island

Karl Henry with this week's guest Greg O'Shea
Karl Henry with this week's guest Greg O'Shea
Karl Henry

Karl Henry

Love Island winner Greg O'Shea has insisted he is single as a pringle, and taking time post-Love Island to 'invest in himself'.

The reality TV star, who split from Amber Gill in September and has been flying solo for all of nine weeks, said it is the longest period of time he has been single since he was 13 years old. 

"It's the first time since I was 13 or 14 that I have had no love interest in my life. I'm not even texting anybody... There are options there but I haven't looked into them," he said.

Since leaving Love Island Greg (24) has had plenty of female attention which he says can be a challenge.

"It is tough but I can't sit here and complain there's too many girls. I am focusing on myself and investing in myself and I don't really have time for dating at the moment," he told Karl Henry on the Real Health podcast. "Since Love Island I haven't been dating anyone, I haven't even been speaking to anybody."

"It's career and friends and family at the moment. If a lovely lady comes along then [who knows] but at the moment it's just me, myself and I."

However, Greg who plays for the Ireland national rugby sevens team, shouldn't be single for too long as he plans on settling down and getting hitched in the next five years.

"I hope to have found a missus by that stage. I look at my parents and they are madly in love and I love the idea of marriage so hopefully I will have found her."

Greg stayed on good behavior while in the villa by reminding himself his mother was watching it. "My cue was 'my mam's watchin this' so that kept me on the straight and narrow," he laughed.

The 2FM radio host studied law at college and plays rugby for Ireland. He began his sports career as a sprinter; both his parents were sprinters and he competed in the 2011 European Youth Olympics in the 100-metre sprint.

However he knew he wanted a career in rugby and could only master one elite sport so put the sprinting on hold.

He began playing for Munster but was moved to the sevens after sustaining an injury while visiting an ex-girlfriend in New York.

"I had a bad accident and fell off a bicycle," he said. "I went to visit an ex-girlfriend in NY and I was cycling on the road and the chain came off ... I hit my Achilles off the cog of the bike and it was like getting a knife and just cutting my Achilles in two. Blood was everywhere, it was a gruesome scene.

"Your leg doesn't work without your Achilles tendon; [after the accident] I went to step on the leg and it completely collapsed... I got a 200 dollar taxi to the nearest hospital, met the surgeon, and he said I had to get surgery in the morning."

Greg rang Munster and they instructed him to catch the next flight home and get surgery in Santry. "[The Doctor] fixed me up but the leg has never been right. It messed me up both physically and mentally".

He began playing sevens which he explained is the rugby equivalent of T20 cricket.

"It's seven aside and it is faster. Each half is only seven minutes long. It is much more of a spectator sport. It's a great atmospere. Same sized pitch - you are sprinting for the whole thing... It's not as financially lucrative as 15s but we all love it."

He said his biggest goal on the horizon is to qualify for the 2020 Olympics. "It's the pinnacle of sport you can't get better than that."

He said that his life has changed in ways he could't have imagine since appearing on Love Island.

“My long term plan before Love Island came along was to play rugby for as long as I can and then move into being a solicitor. But Love Island has now opened up so many doors for me. Never in a million years did I think I would be presenting a breakfast show. I’m a lucky man.”

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