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The Indo Daily: The 30-year-mystery — Will Annie McCarrick ever be found?


Annie McCarrick

Annie McCarrick

Annie McCarrick

It’s nearly 30 years since Annie McCarrick, disappeared without a trace on a day trip to Enniskerry in March 1993, a few years after the American arrived in Ireland to study.

When gardaí first began investigating Annie’s disappearance, they treated it as a missing person case as there was no evidence of foul play.

In the years that followed, Annie’s disappearance began to be linked to the cases of other women who went missing in the east of the country but with no crime scene, and no evidence, no one knows what happened to Annie. The Indo Daily speaks to Claire McGowan author of The Vanishing Triangle: The Murdered Women Ireland Forgot about the case.

The Indo Daily: The 30-year-mystery: Will Annie McCarrick ever be found?

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