The Indo Daily: Fears for garda safety after fatal N7 chase of burglary gang

Dean Maguire, Karl Freeman and Graham Taylor died in the crash

Dean Maguire, 29, Karl Freeman, 26, and Graham Taylor, 31, were all well-known Dublin criminals and had amassed 200 convictions between them before their deaths in 2021.

Maguire was wanted in the UK at the time of his death as he had absconded from an open prison while serving a sentence for burglary.

The vehicle the men were travelling in on the night they died was recognised by gardaí as one that may have been involved in a spate of burglaries.

When gardaí signalled for them to pull over, they fled gardaí at speed, driving the wrong way down a dual carriageway, before colliding head-on with a lorry on the N7 on the outskirts of Dublin. All three were killed instantly.

In the wake of their deaths, three extravagant funerals were held and offertory gifts including a screwdriver and a torch were brought to the altar at one of the funerals. Gardaí also launched an investigation into one of the funerals when the hearse was videoed driving erratically at high speeds.

The Indo Daily: Fears for garda safety after fatal N7 chase of burglary gang

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The story has burst back into the public consciousness in recent days after it was confirmed that the policing watchdog in Ireland, GSOC, would soon be bringing charges against one of the gardaí involved in the chase the night the men died.

Opposition politicians have blasted the news as disgraceful and called for a government examination as to how a serving garda could facing criminal charges for carrying out his duty.

Just this past weekend, The Irish Independent reported there were fears for the safety of the garda at the centre of the investigation as GSOC prepare to bring charges against him.

In a case that has seen public outrage and calls for a deeper look into the already embattled garda ombudsman, what will come from the N7 crash saga?

Host Kevin Doyle gets the latest details in the saga from Ireland Editor at the Irish Independent, Fionnán Sheahan.