The Big Tech Show: Jamie Heaslip - from rugby to startups to Stripe

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Adrian Weckler

He is one of Ireland’s most recognisable rugby stars. Now Jamie Heaslip has become a successful investor in startups.

While going into tech from rugby isn’t the most traditional route, it seems to be working. With investments in companies like Pointy and Kitman Labs, he’s proved that he can spot a winner.

With Ireland’s startup landscape being a small closeknit one, Jamie says you can get to know those in the sector more easily.

“Ireland's pretty small. You can do your due diligence to these guys by asking around. It's finding who's the expert in an area, talking to them...where's that industry going? Ireland is really exciting in terms of the innovation coming out.”

The Big Tech Show: Jamie Heaslip - from rugby to startups to Stripe

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While moving into tech from international rugby is a big transition, Jamie says he doesn’t think it has ever held him back.

“I don’t mind talking about sport...It can be expected. Particularly earlier on in your career as you transition. But the more you challenge yourself, the more you grow every day, the more that you can bring to the table and the conversations sways.

“It would have been a big reason why I did the master's in business over the last two years, which was amazing, but a hell of a slog. Now, it kind of gives me a lot more strategic thinking in general and a really good overview of businesses.”

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