The Big Tech Show: Great expectations – Apple glasses and everything we know so far

The Big Tech Show

Adrian Weckler

Rumours that Apple are working on their own VR headset have been circulating for some time now, with speculation that the company will make an announcement in June at its developer conference.

Other companies like Facebook and Google have already released their own virtual reality headset but haven’t gained much traction with the everyday customer. Can Apple make augmented reality a success where so many others have flopped?

This week on the Big Tech Show, Adrian is joined by Stuart Miles, journalist and the founder of the price comparison widget, Squirrel to discuss what we know so far about the possible announcement and whether there is an appetite out there for more VR technology.

Stuart says while the VR space has been going for quite some time, a must have application for the technology in everyday life hasn’t caught on. However, those questions were also being asked before the launch of the Apple watch and even the iPhone.

“I remember having conversations in exactly the same tone a number of years ago when Apple were rumoured to be bringing out a watch. I remember having the same conversations a number of years before that when Apple was rumoured to be bringing out an iPad..

“And I remember even before that, having the same conversations about Apple bringing out a phone and what would that do?”

I think [Apple] have proved in the past that they are good at delivering new ways of interacting with that technology.”

A question everyone will want to know though, is what these ‘glasses will look like.

“The general consensus from the rumours and I have to keep on stressing these are rumours is that it will look like a pair of ski goggles and you kind of immerse yourself,” Stuart says.

“So, a combination of Ready Player One style aesthetics mixed with Minority Report kind of pinch to zoom functionality with a lot of technology that we've already seen in that VR space.”

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