The Big Tech Show: Electric Bikes – everything you need to know from grants to battery charge

The Big Tech Show

Adrian Weckler

Have you ever wondered about getting an electric bike? If so, you might have a few basic questions, like how much they cost, the grants available, how long the batteries last?

This week on the Big Tech Show, Adrian is joined by Olivier Vander Elst, co-founder of Greenaer to discuss everything you need to know before investing in an electric bike.

For example, can you use an electric bike for exercise or should you stick to a regular push bike?

"It's one of the first primary misconceptions about electrically assisted bicycles” says Olivier.

“There's actually studies that are proving that over time people exercise more because they are more incentivised to use their electric bike than their analogue muscular ones. The way they work means that you have to be pedalling in order to get the assistance.”

What about securing an electric bike? Olivier says while a good lock is essential there are options to install trackers.

“On the tracking side, we do tend to sell a lot of it, which basically is directly installed into the motor, so it's not detected by anyone from the outside.

“It allows you to track [your bike] on your phone. It doesn't lock the motor, but it shows you if someone tempers it, you get a warning. [Having a tracker] also reduces your insurance premium.”

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