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The Big Tech Show: Eir's CEO on customer service complaints, GoMo's success and why they still insist on using the term 'unlimited data'


Eir CEO Carolan Lennon

Eir CEO Carolan Lennon

Eir CEO Carolan Lennon

This week, Adrian sits down with Carolan Lennon to talk through some of the major issues failing Eir.

It’s been a tricky few months for the company, which has attracted white hot criticism over its customer service levels during the pandemic.
It’s also been a successful period in other ways, with its GoMo budget service hoovering up an unusual number of customers (250,000) in just a year, forcing the hand of rivals Three (48) and Vodafone (Clear Mobile).
Adrian goes through the topics, including a personal hobby horse: why operators here persist with the term “unlimited data” when fair use limits still apply.

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