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The Big Tech Show - Eir CEO talks GoMo, Huawei and other stuff


Eir boss Carolan Lennon

Eir boss Carolan Lennon

Eir boss Carolan Lennon

This week, Adrian sits down with Eir CEO Carolan Lennon, who says:

- the Huawei controversy isn't about security but is a "US-China trade issue"

- Minister Michael Ring’s claims about Eir are "factually untrue"

- Traditional ‘linear’ TV is toast: we will all move to apps-based television in time

- Eir hasn’t decided yet on a new price for GoMo after the current €12.99 “for life” offer runs out

Lennon also says that Eir’s 5G launch wasn’t kept private because of the presence at the event of Huawei chairman Guo Ping. And she rejects criticism that using Huawei telecoms equipment in Eir’s 5G network makes it any less secure than other networks.

“It's very hard to take the smoke away from everything that's going on around this,” she says.

“But obviously security is really important to us. We've just recently won the Garda mobile business tender. So it's not stopping us winning business. Do American multinationals mention it? Yes. But has it stopped us winning business? No It hasn't.

"So we're going to push on, we’re committed to them, they've been a good supplier and we're very happy with the kit and the quality of the network.”

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