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The Big Tech Show: Are web giants now suddenly the good guys?


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We're become used to hearing giant web companies described as leeches, health risks and agents of discord.

But has the tone changed, now that we're all eagerly using their services to survive while locked in our homes?

Are we quietly shelving our pearl-clutching hysteria about the dangers of 'screen time' and notional long-term health fears over using smartphones?

Do we care as much if their free, or cheap, platforms slurp data?

This week, Adrian Weckler is joined by senior Irish tech investor (and Draper Esprit partner) Brian Caulfield and data protection expert (and Castlebridge research director) Katherine O'Keefe to weave a path through the pros and cons of the scenario we now find ourselves in.

The panel also discuss the finer points of working from home, as well as the challenge that brings.

And they look at the benefits and pitfalls of Ireland's upcoming contact tracing app.

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