The Real Health Podcast: Top Tips for saving on your energy bills

Karl Henry

There seems to be no escaping the news about the cost-of-living crisis.

Not only are we living it every day, but there are new reports all the time about how tough keeping on top of bills will be now that we’re into Winter.

The Real Health Podcast: Top Tips for saving on your energy bills

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Here on Real Health, we are all about giving you simple tips for health and wellness.

While the reasons for the higher energy costs are out of our control, there are some simple things we can adopt in our lives that can help keep costs down.

This week we’re giving you some advice on how you can try to keep costs low over the coming months.

I’m joined by Agnes Bouchier Hayes, Home Economist and lecturer at the Technical University of the Shannon, to talk us through some of her tricks on how we can stay on top of our energy usage and hopefully keep bills down as much as possible.

Agnes says like anything, prepping your home for the cold weather is an essential step.

Things like getting your boiler serviced and making sure you block up common places where heat can escape are great places to start.

"A letterbox in a door [for example], anywhere there is a draft what you can try and do is seal that.

"Around windows and doors, you can buy draft excluders... If you have a room, you don’t use and there is a fireplace in it, you can put something up the chimney... there are balloons you can get to put up the chimney to stop the draft coming down."

We also chat about how changing the way you cook can reduce your energy usage and what temperature your heating and washing machine needs to be set at.

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