The Real Health Podcast: Sit better to improve your health with Suzy Reading

Sit better to improve your health with Suzy Reading

Karl Henry

On this week’s episode of Real Health, we are talking about the negative impact a more sedentary life can have on our health.

With remote working a major part of our lives now, it means the way we move has totally changed. Less running for the bus, shorter distances to make tea or coffee, even the toilet is not as far away as it might have been in the office.

All this means we can fall into the habit of sitting more. But could small changes to our daily lives help us improve our health and wellness?

Joining me to discuss this is Suzy Reading, chartered psychologist and qualified yoga teacher and personal trainer, specialising in wellbeing.

Her new book Sit to get Fit, gives readers a practical guide to changing the way we sit for our health, energy and longevity.

Suzy says while sitting can be unhealthy for our physical health, it can also cause problems for our mental health too: “Really interestingly, research has shown that our posture has an impact on our mood, specifically that round posture that we end up in on the sofa. Especially if you couple that with a screen. Research is showing that in that round spine, downcast gaze position, it lowers your mood and it lowers your subjective energy levels.”

We also chat through some simple and quick movements that you can add into your day, that could offset some of the harms done by sitting for extended periods of time.

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