The Real Health Podcast: ‘Little by little, I realised that I wanted more, and I always wanted more’ – Life Lessons with Arthur Gourounlain

This week on Real Health it an episode from our Life Lessons series. My guest is one of the three Dancing with the Stars judges, Arthur Gourounlain is a new Dad and has had a career that has seen him performing with some of the best in the business, from Beyonce, to Pussycat Dolls to Kylie Minogue.

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Arthur Gourounlain has had a busy career. Starting out as a barber, Arthur went on to be a dancer, working with some the music industries biggest names, like Beyonce, Kylie Minogue and One Direction to name a few. But becoming a dancer was never the plan, it was a bit of an accident in fact.

“I always wanted to be an actor.” Arthur says.

“It was 1999. I'll never forget it, it was me and my four hairdresser friends, we went to Antwerp...I was dancing and this girl came to me and she was like; can you come with me?

“I was straight at the time. I [thought], Oh my God, she's hitting on me? I mean, that's what can happen. I just followed her and then we went upstairs...

“She opened the door and all the dancers are stretching, getting crazy...I remember she said to me; listen, one of our dancers couldn't make it. Do you mind if you dance?”

Arthur joins me on this week’s episode of Real Health, as part of our Life Lessons series to discuss everything from career to becoming a new dad.

Arthur’s dance career began that night and he’s never looked back. Now, he is one of the judges on RTÉ’s Dancing with the Stars, a job Arthur says is a dream come true.

“If you told me three years ago that I would be doing Dancing with the Stars, one of the biggest shows in the world, I would have laughed, because you know what? You have dreams as a dancer. I had dreams to dance for Kylie Minogue.

“So that's where people say you [should] try to work towards it. But being a foreigner who can't speak English, thinking to be on national TV where the first language is English, what are the chances?”

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