The Real Health Podcast: 'I'm still on the way up' - life lessons with Dáithí Ó Sé

TV presenter Dáithí Ó Sé. Photo: Ray Ryan

Karl Henry

Dáithí Ó Sé has been on Irish TV screens for over two decades, and while his career has been varied to say the least, Dáithí says he hasn’t reached the peak yet.

He's been a teacher, a ferry driver and a weather presenter to name a few, but it wasn’t easy getting where he is now:

“I remember going up and down to Kerry for gigs for £100 years ago and I’d end up sleeping inside in the car because I couldn’t afford a hotel.

“We all did these things just to move on and to get you onto the next gig.

The Real Health Podcast: 'I'm still on the way up' - life lessons with Dáithí Ó Sé

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“People ask me, am I at the top of my game? Not a hope in hell. I'm still on the way up. Because I think if you start telling people you're at the top of your game, there's only one way you can go from the top and that's down.”

This week on Real Health, Dáithí is joining me as part of the podcast’s Life Lessons series.

While he has turned his hand to many jobs, his idea of success has less to do with career achievements and more how he can carve out downtime, which sometimes means saying no.

“People view success with how many likes their Instagram post gets, right? My version of success is how much time off I have. They're my riches. So, for 2023, I've put these blocks in place during the year that nothing can touch them. No matter what you're coming to me with. I don't want to hear it, it's time off.

We also discuss how he keeps fit, especially in the months leading up to the Rose of Tralee.

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