The Real Health Podcast: How to up your food game with Daniel Davey

Karl Henry

Exercise is an important part of a healthy lifestyle but getting our diets in the right shape is also crucial.

Making sure the food we eat works for us will help improve performance, avoid injury and keep our immune system working properly.

This week I’m delighted to be joined by performance nutritionist, Daniel Davey whose new book Eat Up, the Next Level gives simple, delicious and nutrition-packed recipes to help unlock the key to an enhanced life.

Knowing what is good for us is one thing, but Daniel says understanding what food works for us as individuals is what really brings what we eat to the next level. That might mean looking less at the calories you consume and more about how you feel after a certain meal.

Real Health Podcast: How to up your food game with Daniel Davey

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“There are pros and cons to all trackers. But within food what tends to happen is people just become focused on the numbers. A big thing to move towards in every aspect of health, is how does the food make you feel? Does it energise you? Do you feel nourished? Are your energy levels balanced? Did you enjoy it? And I feel like tracking undermines that.”

We also discuss why the right mindset can help with embracing the power of food, while despite being uncool, meal planning shouldn’t be overlooked and how we need to be flexible with what we eat.

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