Real Health podcast: The Female Health Episode with Dr Michelle Hone

Karl Henry

With International Women’s Day coming up, we have decided to dedicate a whole episode to female health.

Joining me this week is nutritionist and founder of The Fit Clinic, Dr Michelle Hone. We will be discussing everything from hormones and fertility to the importance of carbs in a woman’s diet.

Michelle says women need to be treating their health and fitness differently to the way men do. She explains that a lot of the health and performance related research to date has been done in men.

But with female hormones being very different, Michelle says it is not enough to simply take that information and apply it to women.

“If you look at something like the fasting research or the low carbohydrate research, most of [that] has been done in men.

“[Women] are not just shrunk down versions of the male physiology. Our female physiology is completely different, and we need to really honour our hormones” she says.

We also chat about the impact overexercising can have on a woman’s body.

“When we are over exercising or undereating, we are constantly sitting in this fight or flight response state. That is what is detrimental for our hormones. That is what switches off the interaction between the ovaries and the hypothalamic amenorrhea” Michelle says.

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