Real Health Podcast: The best ways to achieve a work life balance

Karl Henry

We know the usual new year's resolutions that people make. This year though, instead of tackling things in your personal life, you look at your work life and how you can improve it so that everything else can thrive?

This week on Real Health, I’ve asked career psychologist Sinead Brady to join me to discuss how we can achieve the best work life balance possible in 2023.

Sinead says we need to think about work almost like an endurance sport and looking after ourselves is crucial to making sure we can thrive in work for as long as we decide to.

“We're really talking about been able to sustain your performance over time. And there are a couple of things that are vital to that...So when you are thinking about work life balance, kind of scratch that notion of such and begin to think about; am I well enough to work today, tomorrow and for the remainder of my career?”

Real Health Podcast: The best ways to achieve a work life balance

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We also chat about the importance of setting your non-negotiables and how to deal with a work environment that doesn’t suit you.

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