Real Health podcast: Readjusting to real life with Louize Carroll

Louize Carroll

Karl Henry

With life returning to some kind of normality and restrictions easing despite Covid-19 still circulating, many of us may be feeling lots of different emotions around the change to our daily lives.

Now that we’re transitioning back to the way we used to live, some might feel apprehensive about the change, stress about the virus and maybe even anxiety at the thought socialising again.

Joining me today to help navigate through all those emotions about life after lockdown is Louize Carroll, consultant psychologist and co-founder of PRISM Therapy Online.

In this episode, Louize breaks down some of the long-term psychological effects of the pandemic. “We’ve had two years to try and integrate and navigate the new feelings of anxiety that came with what we were experiencing” she says.

However, Louize reminds us that, “Just as long as it took us to adapt our way into the pandemic, we will have to gently adapt our way out of it too.”

Louize also gives some tips on how to deal with overstimulation. She says taking time out of the day to focus on yourself, recognising triggers and limiting social media use are some great places to start.

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