Real Health Podcast: Mindset, the key to unlocking your goals with Brian Keane

Karl Henry

On this week’s show, it’s all about mindset. Why it’s important and how having the right mindset can be the key to unlocking your health goals.

Joining me to chat about this, is sports nutritionist and strength and conditioning coach, Brian Keane. His new book, The Keane Edge looks to help you find the right mindset and motivation so you can stick to your fitness journey.

Brian says for many people, knowing what you need to do to get healthy is not always enough to keep you on track.

“You can know that you need to get into a calorie deficit but that doesn’t stop people going off plan” he says. Things like emotional eating or self-sabotage are things people can struggle to overcome.

That is where mindset comes in. Instead of looking at these things as failures, Brian says we should change our view on them and turn them into a positive.

“With self-sabotage, identifying the failure as feedback is the first thing. So, every failed diet, every failed exercise programme, every failed thing you’ve done within health, fitness and nutrition that hasn’t worked for you is feedback on what not to do in the future” he says.

While it can be easy to lump all that failure together, Brian says reflecting on your past experiences is the key to finding what will work for you going forward.

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