Real Health Podcast: How to maximise your home workouts with John Belton

How to maximise your home workouts with John Belton

Karl Henry

January is the month where many people start hitting the gym as part of their new year's resolutions. Life can get busy though, so finding time to get to the gym can be difficult.

This is where at-home workouts really come into their own, as they often fit easier into our hectic days. For those who find the gym a daunting place, exercising at home is a great way to incorporate effective movement into your day.

This week I've asked personal trainer John Belton to join me on the podcast to bring us his top tips for maximising your home workouts.

John says instead of spending loads of money on weights, buying equipment that works for lots of different moves is the best place to start.

“I'll often recommend kettlebells before dumbbells or barbells because a kettlebell has a bit more function to it. You can use a kettlebell for kettlebell swings, squatting and deadlifting.”

We also discuss the importance of rest days, why one exercise programme is all you need and great ways to stay consistent and motivated.

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