Real Health Podcast: From 5k to Ultra Marathon: Karl's tips for all running distances

This week on Real Health, Karl is bringing his top tips for running every distance. From 5k to ultra marathons, Karl discusses the things you need to do for each type of run and how to progress and run for longer

Running has never been as popular as it is now. People are hitting the pavements and park runs, keeping fit and keeping their hearts healthy.

If running is not something you’ve done before, or you have been running for the last while and want to up your game, this week’s Real Health episode is for you.

I’m bringing you my top tips on how to run all distances, conquer those distances as injury free and as well and healthy as you possibly can.

5k is the best place to start. Your time doesn’t matter, especially when you are starting out. The most important thing is that you enjoy it and get comfortable with the distance. A common mistake I see is people thinking they have to carb load before running 5k. This is absolutely not necessary and should only be done for longer runs, like marathons.

Real Health Podcast: From 5k to Ultra Marathon: Karl's tips for all running distances

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If you do eventually want to start running faster, hill work is crucial. Running a route with hills improves your leg muscles, your glutes and your aerobic capacity. You don’t need to include them for every run, once a week is plenty.

I also talk about going from 10k to half marathons and even facing the ultimate challenge of a marathon and an ultra-marathon.

We also discuss how he keeps fit, especially in the months leading up to the Rose of Tralee.

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