Real Health Podcast - Food and mood: How what we eat can help how we feel

There are loads of factors that contribute to our mood, but have you ever considered what role food has to play? This week Karl is joined by registered dietician Sarah Keogh to discuss what types of food and vitamins can have a positive impact on how we feel.

The days are getting shorter and the weather getting worse, and those things alone can impact our mood.

But here on Real Health we want to give you some tools on the some of the lifestyle changes that can impact your mood from the better.

Real Health Podcast - Food and mood: How what we eat can help how we feel

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We know that exercise can trigger a positive feeling because of endorphins, but what about food?

Can it make us feel better?

Or should we be wary of using it as a coping mechanism for when we feel low?

Taking me through this, I’m delighted to be joined by Registered Dietician, Sarah Keogh. While food plays a part in how we feel, it isn’t the solution to more serious mental health concerns like anxiety and depression.

In recent years there has been a fantastic emphasis on mental health and what we can do to help us look after that side of our wellbeing. Sarah says food can play a significant role in supporting mental health.

“Your food can have such an impact on [mood]...there are so many places to look and things you can actually do.”

One thing Sarah suggests people should keep in mind, is vitamin B intake.

“The B vitamins are the most interesting one when it comes to mental health. Once B vitamin levels start to fall, we do see that drop in mood, more anxiety more depression but also low energy.”

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