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THE READY BUSINESS PODCAST: 'Real businesses put their name on the door' Ian Lucey on start-ups


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On this week's show, Ian Lucey, founder of Lucey Technology and angel investor with the Lucey Fund talks to Brian Purcell about some of the most common mistakes start-ups make, and why there are so many badly funded start-ups in Ireland.

"I never really understood start-ups until I actually got involved in one myself," says Lucey. "There's great positivity and lift around start-ups. They have passion and dreams and the really good people are busy doing stuff.

But running companies is hard and a lot of people are going into it and don’t understand that. It’s a marathon that you need to sprint while also balancing life, family and all the rest."

He also says some of the most common mistakes with start-ups is not listening to the paid advisers that are there and also not being able to tell their story properly to stand out from the crowd.

“There are so many people offering advice and mentoring but you have to believe in yourself and what you’ve brought to the table and aggressively drive it. We get 5,000 applications a day through our door and storytelling is so important. How can you tell your story most effectively? Will your story be remembered by others when they go home at night?”

Check out more of Ian's tips for success below:


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