Wednesday 18 September 2019

THE READY BUSINESS PODCAST: Post-budget, is the government doing enough for Irish businesses?

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On this week's show, Brian Purcell is joined by economist Jim Power and tax and financial advisor, Pat Sutton, as they discuss whether the government is doing enough for Irish business owners.

In the wake of Budget 2018 where the focus has been on health and housing, is there a danger in SMEs, which employ 70% of the working population, getting left behind?

Jim Power and Pat Sutton highlight the areas that politicians need to be focusing on to help drive the Irish SME sector and ask why isn’t more being done?

“The entire tax system needs to be stream-lined and there’s a gross inequity in the standard rate band compared to the UK,” says Sutton. “I would hope the government make some positive announcements and initiatives for Irish SMEs the closer we get to an election.”

“There’s very little that addresses the growth agenda, albeit the Minister has a limited set of cards,” says Power. “But once again the SME sector has been left out to dry. We need consistent policy to create certainty over the next five years.”

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