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Wednesday 23 October 2019

THE READY BUSINESS PODCAST: ‘If you have an hour to solve a problem, spend 55 minutes understanding it and 5 to fix it’

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On this week's show, Brian Purcell speaks to the Amazon employee who is also pursuing a second successful career with his own company, UniBrowse.

Alan O'Beirne tells Brian why he came to set up the college course platform and how he manages to juggle a full-time career with Amazon along with running his own start-up.

After doing a degree in sports management O’Beirne was only twenty years of age and hadn’t a clue what he wanted to do with his life. His interest was in business and though he took a job with Amazon in technical recruitment, his passion was still to set up on his own.

“I leave work at 5.30pm, am home for 6pm, and the evening is then spent on the business,” he explains. “It can be challenging and there are nights when I’m up till 3am but it’s about balancing everything. Getting started was the hard part but with momentum behind UniBrowse it’s getting easier.”

After two years the company is thriving and helped 18,000 students choose college courses on their platform last year.

As for the lessons he’s learned along the way?

“I really like the quote that says if you have an hour to solve a problem, you spend fifty-five minutes understanding it and five minutes solving it.”

“The team is also more important than the idea,” he says. “You’re going to war to make your business a success and you want your team to back you up. Everyone has their own weaknesses so you rely on the others to fill in the gaps.”

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