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Thursday 25 April 2019

THE READY BUSINESS PODCAST: How Dublin City Council and Vodafone are transforming Dublin into a ‘Smart City’

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On this week's show, Brian Purcell finds out how Dublin is embracing smart technology that will open up a world of IoT devices from our waste to our water, promising to improve city life. 

The Dublin Docklands is a key part of Dublin City Council’s Smart City programme and as part of that, Vodafone’s Narrowband IoT network has been launched to enable businesses to bring about new and exciting innovation to connect Dublin city in a ‘smarter’ way.

One of the first technologies being deployed on the NB-IoT network is a new product innovation which focuses on flood monitoring and response.

Voguetek, an Irish SME based in Meath, is working to develop low cost connected sensors that will communicate potential gully blockages to the council before they become a flood hazard or risk. The technology has the potential to be used right across the country in both an urban and rural capacity.

Speaking on the show was Barry Finnegan of Voguetek, Vodafone’s Phil Skipper and Debbie Power, and Jamie Cudden, Smart City Programme Manager for Dublin City Council who explained why narrowband technology will be a game-changer in terms of future connectivity for cities like Dublin.

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