Saturday 21 September 2019

THE READY BUSINESS PODCAST: 'Don’t assume you know your audience, you can learn a lot about them from social media'

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On this week's Ready Business podcast, Brian Purcell speaks to Jamie White, the young entrepreneur who dropped out of college to pursue his dreams of business success.

“In boarding school I had ideas of what college should be like but the reality was very different so I decided to create my own college party scene,” he explains. “It wasn’t all thought out and it just grew naturally. At the time social media was just getting going and created a great opportunity to get word out about these parties and this was how we scaled up so quickly.”

“My parents thought it was an awful distraction and were really disappointed at first, but I wasn’t just partying, it was business. The degree however was put to the side and with 20,000 people a week attending the college parties, I left college after my business took off. I made plenty of mistakes as well though and it was a real rollercoaster.”

White then set up and subsequently sold and which were digital platforms targeting audiences with content relevant to them and their peers.

His new business is Leading Social a wholly focused social media agency with his expertise learned from years of content and marketing now being used for brands to reach audiences via social media platforms.

“A lot of businesses really don’t know why they’re doing social media,” he says. “Social media gives businesses a personality and it’s all about personality. What works for one brand won't work for another. Being on social media is like being with your mates in a pub. Make it relevant, not cringy.” 

Check out Jamie's tips for success below:


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