Tuesday 15 October 2019

THE READY BUSINESS PODCAST: Cybercrime is the world's fastest growing crime - how can you protect your business?

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It's the world's fastest growing crime but how prepared are Irish businesses against Cybercrime?

Two experts, Daragh O'Brien, founder and CEO of Castlebridge, and Len McAuliffe, Director, PwC Cybersecurity practice, join Brian Purcell on this week's Ready Business show with some practical advice for business owners and CEOs.

"Society is more exposed than ever before without being aware of the potential risks," warns O'Brien. “If it’s digital does it make less real?  We’re walking down the digital equivalent of a dark alley on a Saturday night. Ultimately it’s about people and how it’s affecting people.”

Recent months have seen attacks such as the Petya and WannaCry ransomware cripple hospitals and international industries with the threat becoming very real in the eyes of Joe Public and at board level.

“This is in the top lists at board level for companies,” says McAuliffe. “Organisations are being more proactive and organised and trying to keep ahead of the cyber threat.”

“Businesses need to have a plan for a worst case scenario. You have a fire evacuation plan and likewise you should have one for your data. You can’t protect everything, so focus on your key assets.”

And both experts warn of the coming dangers of the Internet of Things with connected devices because ‘they’re all hackable’.

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