Wednesday 16 October 2019

THE READY BUSINESS PODCAST: 99pc of success is finding the people to help you - Nicola Byrne on her tips for success

On this week's show, Brian Purcell speaks to businesswoman Nicola Byrne who has been a serial - and accidental - entrepreneur with businesses in advertising, directory enquiries and now a digital monitoring agency, Cloud90.

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Despite all the ups and downs of her business career Nicola Byrne has enjoyed every minute of it but advises, 'Less running and more reflection'.

"I'm a bit unlucky maybe, every time I launched a business it was in a dying industry. But for the first time now with Cloud90 we are somewhere we can grow and thrive. If I was to go back I would pick one thing like an airline to just focus on. Less running, more reflection."

"Don’t get me wrong it’s been a wonderful twenty years, it’s been up and down and a real rollercoaster. Now though I'm looking more to the future - although the reality is no one knows where they’re going to be tomorrow."

Failing the Leaving Cert was never going to be a barrier to Byrne succeeding and she tells how she started by selling advertising on the back of airline ticket wallets moving on to her main success with the directory enquiries service, 11890.

It was a relentless self-belief and pushing through the fear and anxiety that made her succeed but, she says, you have to rely on the people around you as well.

"99% of success is finding people to help you," she tells Brian Purcell.

Her latest venture, Cloud90, is a digital monitoring agency that evolved from recognising that, like ticket advertising, enquiry services were coming to an end. Finally she's in a future tech space that ill grow as technology evolves and adapts to business and society's needs. 

Finally, on each show, the Ready Business entrepreneurs and business experts give their three tips for fellow business owners to help them succeed and for Nicola Byrne they are:

1. Recognise the future is in your hands

2. The services and consultancy spaces are ones to be looking to get involved in

3. And you'll never do it alone – bring people along with you

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