Tuesday 23 April 2019

READY BUSINESS PODCAST: Will you survive the future workplace?

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It’s not the strongest, fastest or richest that survive – it’s the ones most adaptable to change that will be still around in the future says, this week’s guest on the Ready Business show, Kevin Mulcahy.

Kevin is the co-author of The Future Workplace Experience and lectures in workplace trends and entrepreneurship at Babson College in Boston.

“If you’re not always asking yourself what is it we’re going to change in our business this year, if you’re not constantly trying or experimenting with new changes, you’re not going to be a survivor,” he explains.

Businesses have to realise and recognise that forces are re-thinking and re-shaping the workplace says Mulcahy.

“You need to recognise that there is a shift in the expectations of employees and listen to what those expectations are. In the same way that you listen to your customers, listen with suspended disbelief to your employees. Just listen.”

“If you’re not experimenting or thinking about how to apply new technologies in your business over the next nine months and using the same technology in 2017 as you did in 2016, then you’re not taking advantage of the transformative effects of technology.”

He also points to the shifting composition of the workforce in terms of gender, age and full time to contract workers as being vital. 

“If you’re not constantly changing up the workforce mix then you’re not taking advantage of the newest source of diversity and different type of thinking that’s going to help your business and you’re going to be stuck in a box. You need to bring in new perspectives by age, gender and culture.”

Kevin Mulcahy will be speaking at the IMI’s Talent Forum on Thursday 16th February.

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