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READY BUSINESS PODCAST: 'There is no perfect time, you just need to go and do it'

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Liz Fingleton was a chartered accountant intent on a career on the corporate ladder when she realised after four years that it wasn’t for her. Why work all those hours for someone else when you could be doing the same for your own business she thought to herself and so, she decided to give up the accountancy and take the leap into the unknown.

After a chance meeting with Kate Purcell who had come up with the concept of the Obeo food waste box, they decided to team up and push on with the product to see if they could turn it into a success.


Investing their life savings, it was to be an 18 month battle to get their product right and to find a suitable manufacturer. The turning point was when Dunnes Stores agreed to stock their products and it was then a case of sink-or-swim to get their Obeo boxes ready on time.

They did it and people started not only buying their product but were writing to them to tell of their delight at how the box had solved so many problems for them. They’ve now expanded into SuperValu, online and after raising €350,000, the UK is next on their horizon.

To get this far it’s been a journey fraught by ups, downs, worries, stresses and watching the pennies but it’s been more than worth it they say.

To their fellow entrepreneurs they have the following advice,

"There is a danger of paralysis by analysis," says Liz. "There is no perfect time, you just need to go and do it."

“Find a co-founder,” says Kate.  “It can be a long, lonely road and having someone with you can really help.”

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