Wednesday 24 April 2019

READY BUSINESS PODCAST: 'Professional rugby was my life and all encompassing – a bit like running your own business actually’

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On this week's show, Brian Purcell speaks to Conor O'Loughlin, founder and CEO of Glofox, a gym software business which is rapidly expanding in the US and recently raised €2m in funding.

Conor is a former professional rugby player with Connacht whose career was cut short due to injury and on the show, he talks about the similar focus and dedication needed to be a success in sport or business.

“I was offered a full-time contract with Connacht when I was twenty,” he explains. “Rugby was my life and all-encompassing – a bit like running your own business actually. I got as far as Ireland A before my career ended through injury aged 28 in 2011.”

“For sport and business, the same focus is needed. There’s a lot of traits between the two, especially being decisive, being disciplined and constantly assessing yourself, your performance and the competition.”

“Work ethic and passion is still the key though and trumps everything else.”

Always conscious that his rugby career could stop at any time, he finished his degree and Masters and for the next few years after he stopped playing he tried his hand at a few things including a web design company and from that Glofox, a platform to serve the needs of gym owners, evolved in 2014. 

Over time they built it from a minimum viable product, building momentum and new sales coming through word of mouth. More and more sales are coming from the US with 45% of their last quarter customers coming from the States and it has now become their primary focus. Over five hundred gyms are using Glofox software with plans for further expansion internationally on the cards.

“It’s not all about the idea,” he advises other budding entrepreneurs. “It’s about the execution and that’s what you need to really succeed.”

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