Wednesday 24 January 2018

Happy Mother's Day: Celebrate your mammy

Photo sent in by Patricia Kennedy, who says,
Photo sent in by Patricia Kennedy, who says, "my lovely mam who passed away recently".
'Picture of my beautiful Mum Molly Kavanagh on her wedding day.' Sent in by Ruth Kavanagh via
Photo sent in of Bernadette Cafferky taken in a kiosk in Dublin in 1990. The photo was sent in by her daughter Edel, who writes: "I was receiving treatment in Our Lady's Hospital, Crumlin, and my mother stayed by my side the entire time, by sleeping on a mattress on the floor by my bed, and by keeping me entertained by asking the nurses there to let me wear their hats. "All this and also having to care for my 2 year old brother at the time. Will never take for granted all she has done for me in life."
Here's a photo of JoJo O'Brien sent in by her daughter Jacqueline, who says: "she is as beautiful now as she was then".
"Our Mam and Dad, along with Miriam, Jimmy McCann, with Lisa, Rachel, James and Miriam."
Here's a photo of young Vikki Coleman and her mum Marguerite outside the Cork Opera House festival in 1987 at summer festival.
A photo of Jean Ryan's mother Margaret Ryan of Thurles, Co Tipperary, with her parents John & Mary O Brien on her wedding day in 1971.
Margaret Donovan on her Honeymoon with Domingo before their five children. Sent in by Ashling Dunne via
Hilary McCamley sent in this photo of her mother, saying: "This is a photograph of my mummy and her eldest son Frank before his return to Canada in the 1970s. My mum died in 1980 and Frank died a year later in an accident in Canada. She was a mother of 12 children -10 girls and 2 boys."
Sent in by Dave Burgess, who says - 'Patricia "Patty" Burgess with baby Dave sometime before the internet came out?' Submitted via
'My mum Anne Reddin and dad Nick Reddin in 1966 from Dublin.' Sent in by Anne Marie McCutcheon via
'My Mother (now 84)with my brother (now 58), preparing him for a photograph of him in his Confirmation suit. My mother is using a handkerchief to 'shine' his shoes.' Sent in by Ita M. Wheatley via
My mum ( Mrs Miriam Mc Cann ). Sent in by Lisa Smith via
'My Mum Elva Murphy, picture taken in October 1960, 6 months before she passed away at 30 years young, gone but never forgotten' - Peter Murphy
'My fabulous parents pictured at their surprise 40th Anniversary party last year beside a photo of themselves from their wedding on March 31, 1973. Next Monday they’ll be 41 years happily married.'
'This was taken in Spring 1981. My mum was a complete workhorse throughout her working life - built and maintained a small business through the 80s recession generating many jobs along the way, has battled cancer and won- went on to get a masters degree, was in a coma in intensive care for 41 days and is now a grandmother and never lost her zest for life!' - Sent in by Rony.
Photo sent in by David saying: "This is a photo of my mother Beatrice Howley nee Garrett and my father Martin Howley on their wedding day in Mayo in 1973. They met in Pontoon at a dance and all the girls were lined up in the dance hall and one of mum's friends pushed her and she landed in dad's arms. The rest is history. They celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary last year. I love this photo because my parents look so trendy and good-looking, no wonder where we got the good genes from."
Photo sent in by Eileen saying: "This photo of my wonderful mum (Eileen Fisher) was taken in Brighton, England in 1959 when she was aged 35."
Photo of Della Naughton sent in by her daughter Niamh. She writes: "the picture of innocence at seven years old, in 1954. She has had a lot of health issues, and was in intensive care just 3 weeks ago. Her 6 children and 8 grandchildren love her very much."
My beautiful mam (Linda McCaffrey) in Brighton, England aged 15 back in 1959.
Miriam Parle, long before she became a mammy. Sent in by her daughter Luan Parle.
Mary Deally with daughter Nicola in 1975. Sent in by Nicola Deally.
'This is myself Lorraine Valentine and my Mother Marion Valentine and my nanny Bridget Reilly on holidays in Jersey about 40 years ago!' Sent in by Fiona Barron.
'Here's a picture of my lovely mammy Breda Kenny back in the day on my dads bike. I love this picture so much I can't imagine my mam on a motorbike' - Sent in by Mary Kenny.
'This is my gorgeous Mum 'back in the day'. Her name is Maria McNamee neé McEvoy from Wexford Town'. Sent in by Tara McNamee.
A photo of May O'Neill (nee Wheeler) taken in 1961 when she was 22 years old, sent in by her daugher Anne. Anne writes: "Three years later she married my Dad Paddy and together they went on to have 5 children. Paul was born in 1967, Elizabeth was born in 1968, I was born in 1969, followed by Stephen in 1970 then Martin in 1971. In 1982 Paul died aged 15, he suffered from muscular dystrophy, Martin also suffered from this disease and he was taken from us in 1988 aged 17. Dad passed away in 1994. My mother is a truly wonderful person, she never complains about what life has thrown at her and has never become bitter because of it. She will always say there are people out there worse off. My sister Elizabeth lives in Spain with her husband Gordon and their daughter Chloe and Elizabeth and Chloe are missing Mam very much. Myself and my son Jack live with my Mam and she's has helped us in so many ways that I could never repay her. We think she is the best in the world. "Mam we love you, Happy Mother's Day from Anne, Jack, Elizabeth and Chloe"
'This is a cherished photo of my mum,Betty Bird with my dad,myself(center) and sisters,Chis(left) and Susan(right).Taken in 1964. Mum passed away 5 years ago,but still very much alive in our hearts.' Sent in by Maurice Bird.
'Picture of my beautiful mam, working as a nurse back in the 1960s.(Passed away in 2006)' - Sent in by Edwin Wright
Mam and Dad with Lisa, Rachel, James and Miriam

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