Friday 15 November 2019

'I had a feeling someone was standing over me at the bottom of the bed' - readers share their supernatural experiences

Ghost going downstairs
Ghost going downstairs

Clare Cullen

With the news that supernatural 'ghost hunters' are more in demand in Ireland than ever, we asked you on Twitter to share your spookiest experiences with us - and just in time for Halloween.

Supernatural sightings

"In 2001 we purchased an old small house. The previous, and only, owner had died a few years beforehand. The house was stripped bare with only a kitchen table, chair, wellies and a number of crosses and Child of Prague's left in the house. Following a lengthy renovation process, whereby I asked the builder to bury the old man's items in the garden, we finally moved in. For the first six months I used to wake up every night with a feeling that someone was standing over me at the bottom of the bed. I was petrified! I put it down to stress until my son, who was nearly two at the time, used to say 'man in hat'.

Turned out the former owner, a small farmer, used to dress immaculately to go to town, including wearing a hat!

Gradually after about 6 months things settled down and I no longer felt a presence in the house. Maybe he felt we had settled in and brought about new life to the place".

- Sent in by Tanya Whyte


Haunted house seller

"I have been in many homes over the years, each with their own stories, however never have I been in a haunted house, except once of course.

It was an old house in Kilpedder Village, Co Wicklow. We entered the dining room which had double doors leading to a further reception room behind.

The client that was viewing with me asked what was behind the doors and I explained I would bring them to that room via the kitchen. When we entered the room from the kitchen the double doors back to the dining room were wide open. The viewer asked where the doors not closed a second ago to which I replied 'yes'. They then asked to leave!

Also, I sold a property in a forest in Wicklow where the previous owner was insistent a figure would arrive at her bed on numerous occasions while living there. There was a castle nearby along with a forest and waterfall and she believed there were very bad spirits there. She cited this as her reason for selling.

Another property I was dealing with was a period stately house where the owners believed a spirit lived in the basement. They said when they moved there originally the spirit would taunt them until they eventually asked it to accept them and from that point on it became helpful, finding items they had lost and so on".

- Sent in by Brian Dempsey.


Think you've had a spookier supernatural experience? Email with your story.

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