Saturday 17 March 2018

'You are just a good-for-nothing dunce'

Dyslexic Awareness week took place recently
Dyslexic Awareness week took place recently

John Masterson

I am very glad to say that the word 'dunce' is no longer in regular use. I always thought it was a very ugly word. I conjured up images of someone who was 'good for nothing', which was also a phrase one used to hear a lot more than one does today.

The politically correct brigade drive me mad and I am always more impressed when someone changes their behaviour than when they change their language. Today, it would be entirely unacceptable for a teacher to call a pupil a dunce and for once I totally agree.

Dyslexic Awareness week took place earlier this month and I spent a little time listening to a man who had vivid memories of being called a dunce. He clearly remembers being made to stand facing into the corner with a pointed hat on. He was told he was stupid so often that he had no difficulty at all believing it.

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