Tuesday 24 October 2017

What's your (over-regulated) poison?

Alcohol is a lethal drug.
Alcohol is a lethal drug.

John Masterson

Alcohol is surrounded by regulations. You have to be a certain age to consume it. We know this is very effective because surveys show that only half of 15-year-olds have been drunk in the last year.

Note that word 'drunk', not 'tasted alcohol'. You can only buy it in certain places (which these days are rarely more than 100m away). You can only buy it at particular times, which is a major irritation if you get up early at the weekend to do your main grocery shopping, because some idiot somewhere has decided that to sell you a bottle of wine along with your cornflakes would be the end of civilisation. No booze for the early-worm shopper.

And then there is the completely bonkers regulation that alcohol is virtually unobtainable on Good Friday unless there is a rugby match in Limerick.

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