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'We need a revolution and a second Republic of Ireland'


Sinead O'Connor

Sinead O'Connor

Sinead O'Connor

'We are living in a terrorist State. Simple as. We need more than just a referendum on abortion, we need a revolution and we need a second Republic Of Ireland because the first is nothing but an abomination before God and always was from start to finish.

"We need non-violent total civil disobedience. We have scaffolded and supported and continue to support a terrorist State which has never given a toss about children or women.

"How dare they pretend to, when we have everything from laughable child trafficking prevention policies, babies buried beside septic tanks, to refugee children of zero to fourteen years and well over currently living in concrete camps in Ireland; and they have been in there all their lives, just like the Magdalenes.

"Ailing animals can have a compassionate death. People can't. What the fuck more evidence do you need? We are less than animals to the state and to the church who still run it.

"This is the same church which has as its equal number one excommunicatable crimes, 'female ordination and paedophilia'. If they gave a toss about children the order of that sentence would be the other way round.

"When there is a referendum on abortion, no cleric better dare open his mouth to claim he gives a fuck about the right to life when it applies to women or children after what has been revealed over the last twenty years. To do so would be a joke. One which would deserve the highest ridicule. What does it take to get the Irish people to say "enough is enough" and stop co-operating with the State? Where is the spirit of 1916?

"We can't blame anyone but ourselves for this. We are cowards. Grateful for crumbs on tables and think we deserve nothing more. We are pathetic. An inexcusable disgrace to the courage of those who fought and died in 1916.

"I reiterate WE did this to that lady and that child. We did. Nobody else.

"Obviously our balls are in the grave with Michael Collins. We should exhume them."

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