Sunday 15 July 2018

We do love a stage-managed celebrity feud

Modern life is full of potential for drama, whether it's reading online reviews or following Taylor's spats, writes Sophie Donaldson

SNAKE CHARM: Taylor Swift made up with Katy Perry
SNAKE CHARM: Taylor Swift made up with Katy Perry
Sophie Donaldson

Sophie Donaldson

Have you ever googled the phone number of a restaurant with the intention of booking a table for Saturday but instead found yourself drawn to that little row of gold stars above its contact details?

Specifically, the single gold star that denotes a low rating. If you've ever come across the review section of any website, product or service, I'd wager you've lost time devouring the spiteful, typo-riddled, grammatically incorrect cluster of comments festering in these little pockets of the internet.

We don't read bad reviews because we need to - we're there for the drama. Humans are natural spectators and nothing piques our interest more than conflict. It's both instinctual and insatiable - the more we watch a nasty incident unfold, the more invested in it we become.

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