Wednesday 17 January 2018

'We all need to get off our high horses and start a dialogue'

A model's theory on how to halt terrorism attracted immediate troll-like bullying that achieves little, says Ciara O'Connor

Vogue Williams Picture: PA
Vogue Williams Picture: PA

Ciara O'Connor

Last week, in an article entitled 'Internment camps are grim necessity', model Vogue Williams espoused her ideas about how to stop terrorism, recommending that thousands of extremists be locked up in new internment camps to keep the public safe.

The backlash was immediate and vitriolic. Williams was labelled an "absolute gobshite" who "should be shot". She was repeatedly told to get back in her box; how dare she, a mere model, talk politics.

People pretended they were outraged because a B-list celebrity had the gall to comment on something serious, but actually they were outraged because they didn't like what she said.

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