Tuesday 21 January 2020

The Loves of my Life: Kerri-Nicole Blanc, model and mother

Kerri-Nicole Blanc.
Kerri-Nicole Blanc.

Model Kerri-Nicole Blanc on the loves of her life with the stand out winner being her daughter, Kayla.

The person

Simple. My daughter Kayla

The memory

It has to be the day my daughter was born. I don't think anything will top that

The moment of the day

The first coffee

The song

Anything from Beyonce. She has an ability to make me want to dance when I feel like crying

The movie

Pretty Woman, like most women in the world! I do also have a guilty pleasure for the latest Disney-princess movie, Frozen.

The hero

My mum and dad

The book

Oh, too many to choose. I can't go to sleep at night without a book! I'm currently reading The Help

The outfit

Jeans and a vest top would be my daily outfit. I also love a midi dress or skirt for night; nothing too short

The accessory

I love my Pandora bracelet with a single heart charm; it was a gift from my daughter for Mother's Day this year. I look forward to adding many more

The gadget

My phone

The pet hate

Smelly people. No excuse!

The friend

Karen and Eve, my best friends since the first year of school. Eve left for Australia over a year ago and life hasn't quite been the same without her

The beauty product

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream. I use it for my lips, cuts, dry skin and as a 
face mask

The holiday

I went to Portugal this year for Kayla's first holiday

The piece of advice

Treat everyone how 
you would want to be treated

The drink

I have a soft spot for cocktails. My boyfriend is a bar manager, so he taught me how to make cocktails; delicious but dangerous!

The hotel

Powerscourt is a firm favourite. I'm dying to get to spend a day in the spa

The bar

Bad Bobs in Temple Bar on a Saturday night - they have two singers, Craig and Ciara, who are unbelievable

The hobby

I love cooking and baking

The part of my body

After four years of 
train tracks, I have learned to love my smile

The celebrity

Beyonce. She is just my wonder woman

The smell

Flowerbomb perfume, 
and the smell of my daughter - she still has that baby smell

The taste

Chocolate, of any kind

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