Sunday 17 December 2017

The goggle's back - and I'm loving it

'Late Late Show' presenter Ryan Tubridy
'Late Late Show' presenter Ryan Tubridy
Brendan O'Connor

Brendan O'Connor

God almighty, there is so much television out there. I actually don't know where I'm going to get the time to watch all the stuff I need to watch. And they keep making more - more and more must-see TV every season. And I haven't even caught up with last season's yet.

My mistake was that I stepped out of the game for a while. I think if you step out of the game at all, you never really catch up again. I've mentioned this before. It wasn't one of those deliberate decisions. It just happened. We moved house and we just kind of neglected to get The Channels set up in the new house. The children were happy with watching the same few movies and things over and over again, and various other bits of rubbish on YouTube. And the adults had Netflix for the hour an evening of TV we get. So we just drifted on for a while.

There was general agreement that we should maybe get The Channels before I was back on the TV. There seemed to be something particularly brazen about being on TV but not actually having the TV channels myself. So that became a kind of a deadline for us. And in the meantime we relaxed into not having The Channels. And I got my news from the radio and from the papers. And when there was any kind of a "Did you see...?" watercooler moment in the office or the pub, I would stay quiet and check it out later on the player.

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