Wednesday 13 December 2017

The Edge: H2 oh! Rosanna and Wes's secrets leaked

Wesley Quirke and Rosanna Davison at the 2015 VIP Style Awards. Photo: Brian McEvoy
Wesley Quirke and Rosanna Davison at the 2015 VIP Style Awards. Photo: Brian McEvoy
Lorraine Keane will be slaving over a hot oven providing for some 32 guests. Photo: Patrick O'Leary
Keynote speech: Niall O'Dowd, founding publisher of 'Irish America', John Saunders and Rhona Blake
Hot: Olivia Tracey is going to Punta Cana for Christmas. Photo: Brian McEvoy
Fianna Fail TD and barrister Jim O'Callaghan Photo: Tom Burke
Barry Egan

Barry Egan

It's official. Rosanna Davison gives great head (phones.) The former Miss World is giving her husband Wesley Quirke what he really wants most in the world for Christmas. He is also getting a set of Bose headphones to listen to music on. Doubtless he and Rosie will make plenty of sweet music together this Yuletide.

And before the politically correct brigade out there start sending in abusive missives about my lack of respect for women, I met Rosie for a coffee last week at Java on Molesworth Street and I asked her was she OK with the joke. She thought it was hilarious. Got that?

It is nearly 2017 and we are still allowed to make jokes in Ireland the last time I checked. (Rosanna bought the aforementioned very pricey Bose headphones last Wednesday at Duty Free in Dublin airport en route to London on a business trip). Rosanna possibly needed something to lighten her mood last week at home anyway. Not that she is having any problems at home. I'll let Rosanna explain herself the situation on the home-front. "After taking a shower yesterday, I heard water dripping into our living room. It turned out we had a burst pipe. The carpet was soaking wet." Just as well Rosanna didn't give Wes his Christmas present early this year or he could have been sitting in the living room listening to music on his headphones oblivious to the sound of his wife's shower water coming through the ceiling above.

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